Director Tharun Bhascker Backtracks

Director Tharun Bhascker who wowed all with his stunning debut movie “Pelli Choopulu” that also won national award for best telugu film came up with this second film “Ee Nagariniki Emaindi” that is currently running in theaters.The buddy flick got mixed reactions from prominent critics. While some said it is an okay movie, other critics said it lacks soul and just has some fun quotient.

Raju Hirani’s “Sanju” that is setting new records at box-office also drew mixed reviews from Bollywood critics. Some praised it while some slammed it. Both films released on the same day.Unlike Hirani, Tharun Bhascker was openly pissed off with negative reviews and posted a nasty comment on social media saying that everyone has an ‘a***ole* and everyone has point of view’. He said he would be starting reviews on movie reviews.

Naturally this didn’t go well with the critics and they slammed him and even protested. It was the same batch of critics that wrote positive reviews for his maiden film that reviewed his second movie.But he was happy with all the praise then and didn’t feel that they were not qualified enough to praise him. After some journalists raised this point, Tharun Bhascker has now backtracked that his message was not meant for all, but for a particular reviewer.

However, his explanation was weak. On the other hand, the film is posting not so impressive collections at box-office.There is nothing wrong raising objections over reviews, but his ‘double standards’ were exposed.