Director VV Vinayak’s Mother Seriously Ill

Ace director VV Vinayak’s mother has been seriously ill and this is said to be real reason behind the delay in the debut project of Akhil Akkineni. A highly-placed source in the know divulged, “Director Vinayak’s mother is sick. He has a lot of attachment to his mother. 
So, he is presently taking care of her.” However, sources declined to reveal the reason for ill health. Nagarjuna too reportedly not in a mood to disturb Vinayak at the moment. Vinayak had already lost his father four years ago and he is now putting all stops for her recovery.
Akhil’s debut film to be directed by Vinayak was supposed to be launched in Novemeber, but with sudden and unexpected thing, they have postponed the movie muhurat to December. Meanwhile, we hear that script of Akhil’s debut flick, a socio-fantasy, is shaping up well. We hope a speedy recovery for Vinayak’s mother.