Director’s Dreams of Settling Down In Swiss

Is Creative Director Krishna Vamsi making his bags ready to shift to Switzerland and settle down there permanently? Well, he expressed this desire on social media. He has shared the pictures and video of the destination Grindelwald in Switzerland with a single liner “I want to settle down here….”

There was some conversation with the netizens those responded to this. Responding to a comment Krishna Vamsi wrote: “Chilled climate campfire bacarde rum cigarettes high end home theatre some great films hindi n Hollywood n pappucharu uppuchepa aavkay n gaddaperugu n comfy bed ….. Inkemivoddu”

On the other hand when yesteryear’s actress Sumalatha expressed her desire saying: “Me too Me Too Me too”, Krishna Vamsi replied her: “Sshhhhhhh..U have to take care of your son…listen to d scripts..decide projects..n our rebel star..No no..not possible..andukani kudaradandi..meeru ikkade”Rebel Star here refers to the Kannada Rebel Star Ambarish, the husband of Sumalatha.

This was a past-time discussion happened on social media that entertained many those came across.