Director’s True Talent Revealed

He is the director who shot to fame with two back to back successes. His 3rd film attracted the attention of buyers and was sold at big prices.The hero who acted in this film also believed in the director in big way considering his first two hits. But much to the shock of many, the film ended up as a dud.

The hero himself understood half way through the shoot that the director is not as talented as he expected. But still he hoped that some wonder may be shown by him during the edit and post production but he was disappointed at his poor judgmental skills and little command over different crafts. In some instances, the hero himself expressed his opinion on the director openly in private talks.

Keeping that aside, the crew members those worked with the director for previous films said that he was under the support of experienced production house for first two films but here for his 3rd film everything was on his lame shoulder and so is the result.

“His true talent is understood now” expressed a few. But, on the other hand, many have been saying that beyond natural talent, the director is possessed with the qualities like modesty and sincerity at work and so he can grow well in career learning from his mistakes.