Disappointed Young Hero shelved his film?

Is Nithiin’s new film, which was launched few days ago, shelved? Film nagar sources say this film has been put on the backburner due to creative differences between Nitin and debut director Srinivas Reddy. The Ishq star isn’t happy with the script has shaped up. Nithiin liked the storyline narrated by the director and came forward to produce on his own banner.

After listening to the final narration of full bounded script Nithiin didn’t like many things in it. He asked for so many changes and the director is not pleased with Nithiin’s reaction it seems. With the differences cropping up between the two, Nitin has put this film on hold for the moment. He is planning to start Karunakaran’s film in this place.

Nithiin’s recent release Heart Attack turned out to be an average fare. His other film Courierboy Kalyan is caught in financial troubles. He can’t afford another average film at this point and hence Nithiin is not going to take any risks. He want his film to be perfect especially when it is directed by a debutante.