Disgusting dialogues in devotional ‘Sai’

When K.Raghavendra Rao announced ‘Shirdi Sai’ with Nagarjuna all movie lovers and sai devotees expected out and out devotional flick from the film makers. However some felt that knowing KRR style of film making one can not expect that and ultimately those who watched the film felt that their fears came ultimately true.
It is a well known fact that KRR will include some commercial elements even in devotional films to add spice to the film. In Annamayya and Sri Ramadasu it was passable as both of them enjoyed the essence of marriage life. Even at that time some devotees were up in arms for showing romance between Nag and Sneha in Annamayya in a hot manner. They commented that KRR’s Ramayana will feature ravishing romance between Rama and Sitha to attract movie lovers.
As if this is not enough in Shirdi Sai, KRR went even further and in the name of comedy he insulted all devotees. Comedy track between Sri Hari and Brahmanandam, with Srihari commenting Indians using phones to timepass while britishers invented them looked odd as phones during that times were used only for official communication. If this is not ok, comedy between Dharmavarapu, Shayaji Shinde, Ali, Anant was disgusting to the core and an insult to ‘Sai’ and all his devotees. Some of his dialogues like “Uchcha, muddi, mee satta mee avidaki teliyali’ shows the cheap taste of the film makers.
One still couldn’t digest Shirdi Sai shaking his leg in Ramanavami song. Agreed that film makers are at liberty to make subtle changes in mythological and devotional films but it should be appreciated by all. For example in Sri Rama Rajyam, Bapu used Lord Hanuman’s character as a small boy to assuage the feelings of Seetha. Similarly creativity was shown during the picturisation of ‘Seetha Seemantam’ song. One should not twist entire ‘Guru Charitra’ and make a film on his own.