Disturbing 50 Day Stats of ‘Businessman’

When you are unable to please with transparency, at the least confuse the opposition to rake some debate. This seems to be the formula RR Movie Makers are following with their flick ‘businessman’ nearing to 50 days. Yes, one of the posters released into media circles enumerating the 50 days records of film has some sort of confused, disturbing statistics.
While trade analysts say 50 days centers of ‘businessman’ are going to be less than 70, the above poster speaks of 350. Nevertheless, read the first line in poster properly. It announces of movie amassing Record Collections in 350 Centers and no where did producers affirm of film being ran for 50 days in that many number of theatres. If such is the case, one might question as why are makers diverting the attention on collections when the poster is actually meant to officially announce their half century. Any how, ‘businessman’ although reaching 50 days mark still successfully continues to give shocks to audience and trade pundits with its variety of proof-less records.