Divorced Heroine’s Affair With Businessman

Many heroines glow like stars in the tinsel town and will down like a comet to settle with a rich guy in life. But our heroine tied the knot with a happening director to put a big ‘comma’ to her dwindling career.
Sonai Agarwal, the ravishing siren who made heads turn with her alluring acts in ‘7/g brindavan colony’ retired from acting after marrying Selvaraghavan, the director of the same film. However, she called it ‘quits’ and is back to sizzle on silver screen given her penchant for acting. It is now heard that she is moving close with a gold merchant from Chennai. They say that it is his investment behind Sonia’s recently launched musical-instrument store for her brother. ‘Nothing is happening for Sonia after she returned to acting again.
She is only getting B-grade offers given her sexy assets and luring skin-shows. Top heroes find her too aged to act with’, a source revealed. Well, at least this time she will settle down in life as her husband is a bada ‘businessman’!