Divya Bharati’s life to be made as film

Divya Bharati…the name is enough to stir the heartbeats of many men who were cine buffs of the 90s. Though she was seen in very few films, Divya Bharati became the heartthrob of all and was poised to become the queen of Bollywood before cruel destiny took her away. She fell from her terrace under mysterious circumstances and died in April 1993.
Now, almost twenty years later, a biopic is being made on her life and the man to make that happen is Vikram Sandhu. He has written the script and would be directing this project. However, he reportedly maintained that this is the story of a young girl without taking any reference to Divya.
Currently, the search is on to find the right kind of face to fit the role of Divya Bharati and the shooting will take place in India and Dubai. Buzz is that this would be hitting the floors in July 2012. To those who saw Divya in films like ‘Bobbili Raja’ ‘Assembly Rowdy’ etc, she will always be the queen of their hearts.