DK Aruna chooses saree and bangles for Jupalli

Minister DK Aruna roared at her adversary and TRS MLA Jupalli Krishna Rao to wear a saree and bangles if he had no guts come out and challenge her.

Talking to the media, she alleged that Jupalli incited students and women to hurl eggs and tomatoes at her as he had no guts to come out and face her. She said she would not be afraid of her life, even if bombs were hurled.

She described Jupalli as ‘Zoolo Pilli’ (cat in Zoo) and said the timid TRS leader had no courage to stand before her and argue. Stating that the people of Telangana were observing his culture as he was attacking a woman born here and warned that they would teach him a fitting lesson soon.

It may be recalled that Jupalli was a Congress leader and a cabinet minister. He left the party and joined the TRS. Even when he was a minister, he and Aruna used to frequently fight for supremacy in district politics.