Do You Know Chaudhary Birender Singh?

Our country is such that you cannot ignore a film star, a sportsperson or a politician. And if the politician happens to be in power holding a portfolio then the attention is more. So, here is the tricky part. Does the name Chaudhary Birender Singh ring a bell? Yes, you have to go to Google search first and then you would know. Chaudhary Birender Singh happens to be our Union Minister for Sanitation & Drinking Water, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj. 
In the event of PM Narendra Modi and his ‘Swachch Bharat’ campaign, the fire is catching up the entire nation and all are coming forward to do their bit. Even some companies are doing Swachch Bharat week. While so much is happening, nobody knows about Chaudhary Birender Singh. As the Union Minister responsible for this portfolio, he should capitalize this situation and increase his publicity since a certain platform has been given to him by Modi. 
He should do a whirlwind tour to different places and monitor the activities of the departments. Whenever a minister comes the government machinery gets alert and they will set things right. Sometimes it is temporary and sometimes it is permanent. But what is Mr Birender Singh doing and where is he, that is the big question.