Does Tamannah’s eroticism work for ‘Vana Vana’ ?

The good side of coming up with remixes is one gets to relish the nostalgic classes. But on the other side, this also gives rise to comparisons between the performances in the original to the remix. This happened with ‘Bangaru Kodi Petta…’ in ‘Magadheera’ vs ‘Gharana Mogudu’. Now, another comparison is happening.

This is on the song ‘Vaana Vaana Velluvaaye…’ and the evaluation is between Vijayashanti for ‘Gang Leader’ vs Tamannah for ‘Rachcha’. Those who have seen the song are comparing Tammu with Ramulamma and state that Tamannah has swayed her hips big time and it looks like overdone.

That over shaking doesn’t give the ‘turn on’ factor is the comment. Already, there is a talk that the remix song got spoiled with bad voices of singers. That way, Tammu is standing nowhere in comparison with the eroticism generated by Vijayashanti. Many say sensuousness should be there when rain songs or romantic songs are shot. Make note directors!!