Don’t Ask Me About Sye Raa: AR Rahman

Undoubtedly, AR Rahman steals the show every time he composes music for a film. This time, yet again, he is creating magic with his melodious tunes for Nawab, a Mani Ratnam directorial.

For the promotion of the film, the actor was in town for the pre-release function and has given interviews to a very few media representatives. But the musician reportedly asked the media to avoid questions on why he chose to quit Chiranjeevi’s Sye Raa, though he was part of it in the beginning. Rahman already clarified earlier that he could not do Sye Raa just because he has been busy with other commitments and repeated questions on Sye Raa must have irked him.

So the media has to shoot other questions but not about Sye Raa. Well, here is what we have for you.

You have been collaborating with Mani Ratnam for years now. Tell us about your collaboration with him.

We both share a very good bond and it’s beyond words. I understand what he wants and he knows what I can compose. Usually, we go out on a short trip when we have to compose the tunes. I compose almost ten tunes and he listens to all of them, chooses one and we join the lyrics to it. Unlike other compositions, we first make the tunes and then add the lyrics to it.

We are waiting for your straight compositions in Telugu. When is it going to happen?

It takes a lot of factors for me to compose music for a film. I can’t make tunes for every random film. I need it to be unique to say yes to the project. I love Telugu language and I am still waiting for the right project to come in my way.

How is the music of Nawab?

Composing tunes for Nawab was of much different from other Mani Ratnam films. This time Mani looked with a lot of energy and may be becomes of the genre and the story. I make sure that he likes the tune first. So all the necessary changes are made much before the song gets the final tune.