Don’t Come Here: Thullur Farmers to YCP Leaders

With the location of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh more or less a settled issue, the fresh debate is of course on procuring lands for the proposed capital. This is certainly easier said than done as there are a lot of issues involved with and a lot of people embroiled with. As State government is pulling out all stops to make ‘Land Pooling Systerm’ (LPS) a grand success and trying to convince the ryots for land pooling where government will return the 40% of developed land and government alone bears the development cost. 
While many farmers around Capital city have already come to terms with LPS and agreed to do it, only farmers belonging to seven villages in Tullur Mandal have reservations on LPS as they feel their lands deserve more price compared to lands of other farmers. Meanwhile, the leaders of Opposition YSR Congress have tried to take advantage of this situation claiming to fight in support of farmers. In fact, few Congress leaders too tried their best to step into the issue to gain political mileage out of it. 
But the turn of events in Thullur are shocking and bolt out of the blue to many including politicians of ruling TDP. Many farmers in Thullur are avoiding YSRCP leaders and Congress leaders. Especially farmers in Thullur, Mangalgiri (where the phase-1 of AP Capital is proposed) are openly opposing politicians from other parties saying, “Have you come here to restrict Capital City that is being set up in our region? 
Have you come here to take away Capital?” This is certainly baffling many Opposition parties and they have come to terms that it’s better to stay away from farmers of Thullur rather than going and getting scold. Certainly an irony situation for leaders of YCP as time and again they’re failing to take on government.