Don’t entertain people like Kathi, Mr Jagan!

The statement made by controversial film critic Kathi Mahesh that he was interested in making an entry into politics by joining YSR Congress party has triggered a debate in media circles.While a section of media feels Kathi, being a Dalit leader, would bring a lot of mileage to YSRC, majority of the media persons feel that he would only be a nuisance value for YSRC president Y S Jagan, at a time when the situation is very conducive for him to win the next elections.

First of all, Kathi is just a hype in the media and does not have any political background. He was never in public doing service, let alone being a political activist.Except expressing his views on social media platforms, he does not seem to have any conviction towards serious politics. There are no reports of Kathi doing any social service.

So, when Kathi has no track record of winning even a sarpanch election, it is ridiculous on his part to expect that Jagan would field him as party candidate in Chittoor parliamentary constituency. Secondly, people like Kathi who are known for their loose talk land not only themselves but also the parties in which they join in deep troubles with their controversial comments.

Already, Kathi landed in jail on Monday night for his loose comments on Ramayana and Mahabharata.Already Jagan is facing headache with leaders like R K Roja who made wild allegations and cheap comments against the political rivals.Does he need Kathi now? It is better Jagan does not entertain such persons, leave alone giving them party tickets.