Don’t Project Her Like An Ileana!!

Sometimes comparisons with other heroines can lead young actresses into trouble. Because the ones who are just starting their career might end losing offers for that comparison with a star heroine. Whether it is look or luck, everyone should have their own thing. Here goes what is going on about upcoming heroine Megha Akash.

Nithiin is currently gearing up for the release of his next Chal Mohana Ranga, which is directed by Krishna Chaitanya of Rowdy Fellow fame. The film has Megha Akash as the female lead and this is her second pairing with the hero after LIE movie. With LIE turned to be one of the biggest disasters of 2017, many are wondering why the flop pair is repeated yet again. For that aspect, Nitin’s team has an interesting comment to make.

Reports are being heard that the movie team is comparing Megha with hip siren Ileana, who left star status in Tollywood for obvious reasons. If you observe, Ravi Teja and Ileana teamed up for the first time for Katharnak, which turned out to be a dud. Later they joined forces for the second time for Kick, which took the box office by a storm. Now, Nithiin and Co are believing in the same formula.

That’s good to hear, but the brownie is, Ileana has become the most wanted heroine in the industry with her debut Devdas and ruled the industry when her second flick Pokiri became industry hit. So no matter how many flops come, star heroines will have that charm. But Megha is yet to score a hit and a second coming very soon will not be creating much buzz.

More than anything, its the content of the film that will help both Nitin and Mega score a hit, while other comparisons will be mere speculations.