Don’t Tag Me When You Write Nonsense -Nani

“With all due respect, at least don’t tag me when u write such nonsense.. humble request.. thank you” said hero Nani, reacting on a piece of news written about him today. Well, that shows how this talented hero has changed over time as he’s grown to become a most dependable hero.

With some media house writing an analysis that Nani is losing out his ‘natural star’ tag, it looks like our hero got irritated. But frankly speaking, Nani is really losing out his natural star tag as he’s giving some unnatural responses on social media this way. And that too by asking them to not tag him, he’s giving another wrong message.

It is these media houses and journalists who wrote great about Nani when he’s picking interesting stories and scoring back to back hits at box office. But when he’s picking some routine films like Nenu Local and MCA in a row, which has more of commercial masala stuff rather some new story and screenplay, naturally his admirers got hurt. And if those admirers are in media, then they will come up with an article advising him or warning him about the same. There is nothing sinful in that.

Maybe Nani should have stayed calm and picked up fine films, such that his actions will speak louder. But here, his twitter account turned too arrogant than the types of characters he played on silver screen.