Don’t Vote For Congress, It Promised Special Status To AP

With elections are fast approaching, the Telangana sentiment is back. The TRS, which had stormed to power in 2014 based on the sentiment, is banking on it yet again. With there is a lot of anti-incumbency and failed promises by KCR, TRS seems to have realized that sentiment only works in Telangana.

Harish Rao has asked why should anyone vote for Congress alleging the grand-old party of “cheating” Telangana. While it appears to be quite surprising, Harish continued saying Congress had declared national status to Polavaram Irrigation Project but it has given ’empty hand’ to Pranahita Irrigation project in Telangana.

Finding fault with Congress’ promise of Special Category Status to AP, Harish Rao claimed that Telangana would lose companies, investments if AP is given Status. Harish said Congress has given a raw deal to Telangana and asked people not to vote for it. He further said that all the parties have joined together for power but not for people.

Harish’s comments are drawing mixed reaction given that it was Congress that gave separate statehood for Telangana with Hyderabad as capital and made Telangana a state with surplus budget.