Don’t Wait for B-Forms: KCR Tells Candidates

Amidst speculations that the list of 105 candidates announced by KCR could slightly changed given uproar, defiance from other aspirants, KCR has personally telephoned 30 candidates and inquired about the campaign details. While a few brought the defiance they’re facing in the constituency and even the reports of changing candidates to his notice, KCR told to have clearly stated that there wouldn’t be any changes in the announced list.

KCR asked the candidates to begin the work and asked them to mingle with people and start campaigning for the party. He said that elections could happen anytime and the dates, notification would come shortly. KCR asked the candidates not to wait till B-Forms and Election Commission’s Notification. He told candidates to go out of their homes by 6 AM and asked them to be with the people till the evening. He told them to even have lunch with the local people.

Even as there is a dissent in party among a section of leaders, KCR said he would take care of the issues and told them to work for the party. KCR even inquired the candidates where they are and with whom they are when he had called. This sets the tone and mood for the coming elections in Telangana. And the Opposition’s grand alliance too making swift moves to counter KCR’s strategies.