Double meaning dialogues for decent hit?

Tollywood film makers have hit a new formula for success. While in the olden days film makers used to believe a strong storyline and script is essential for the success of the film irrespective of the star cast, genex film makers changed the definition of success. They feel and many are under the impression that double meanings are essential to score at least a decent hit and reach breakeven so that they will be in safe zone.

Many wonder what the censor board is doing and some time feel that they are just sleeping or working under monetary and powerful political influences. While critics feel that double meaning dialogues is the main reason for family movie lovers staying away from theatres film makers point out other reasons. Many feel that they are playing with the lives of teenagers and genex youth and point out small films which went on to complete 100 days successfully. However those two films are fully loaded with double meaning dialogues.
There are many films like ‘Oka Romantic Prema Kadha’, ‘Anagarikam’ and many others who try to attract the attention of teenagers with seductive posters. Now ‘Sorry Teacher’ is courting controversy. Even top heroes films are loaded with double meaning dialogues and though there were reports that censor board suggested some cuts, many who have watched those films feel that had the censor board been more vigilant , there won’t be any reel left in the film for screening.