Dude, UR Not That Imp – Nikhil Counter To Vijay?

Vijay Deverakonda’s open letter to alleged “haters” and “trollers” has become a hot topic in Tollywood circuits. While many heroes are of the feeling that Vijay had targeted them, a young hero has even jumped and gave a strong counter to Vijay, albeit indirectly.

Without taking names, Nikhil has posted a GIF featuring former US president Barack Obama which sees him drop the mike in his hand indicating ‘You are nobody’. He also wrote, “For ppl who think -The World Revolves around them …. nd throw unnecessary Attitude around..DUDE UR NOT THAT IMPORTANT… Every Actor only Competes with Himself.We r but a drop in the ocean called Movie Making. Hype Less… Work More…”

Now many in industry are assuming that it was Nikhil’s counter to Vijay. Even Vijay fans have started trolling Nikhil with aggressive comments. While there is nothing wrong in Nikhil said, but the context of what he said had become the point of discussion. Even Vijay’s fans are now burning with anger.

Meanwhile, many of young heroes are said to be with Nikhil in this issue. One has to see where this all lead to.