I Did My Duty, JD On Jagan’s Arrest

It’s well-known that former CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana had handled YSRCP President and Leader of Opposition in AP Assembly YS Jagan’s disproportionate assets case registered by the Enforcement Directorate. Jagan’s Arrest was a nationwide sensation. However, there were also several allegations on JD Lakshminarayana’s approach in Jagan’s case. Many alleged that the ex-CBI honcho had arrested Jagan due to political and bureaucratic pressures.

In a recent interview given to a news channel, JD Lakshminarayana laughed off these allegations and clarified that he had arrested Jagan and produced him in the court within 24 hours as per the rules. He stated that he was under no political or bureaucratic pressure to arrest Jagan. He also revealed that he was functioning as a DGP in CBI even before he handled Jagan’s case.

JD Lakshminarayana went on to remind that even the CBI Special Court had approved the witnesses he had produced against Jagan’s corruption. He trashed the allegations that he was surgically appointed to target Jagan, saying that he had always been duty-bound during his service.

Explaining further, Lakshminarayana said that he took charge as Hyderabad CBI’s DGP way back in 2006 whereas he began handing Jagan’s case only in 2011. He further said that he had legitimately probed the case and procured witnesses and that he never crossed the boundaries of his power.