EB5: Alternative provision for H1-B visa

h1b eb5 program

After the rules for issuance of H1-B visa turn out to be stricter, almost all the Indians finding different ways, within the provisions, to reside in United States.

Under the EB5 visa programme, popularly known as the Golden Visa, any Indian who invests $500,000 or more in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) regions, where a high unemployment area in a US metropolis or a rural area outside of a area, will get US citizenship with a short time.

Now with stringent norms on H1-B working visas, many Indians are exploring the EB5 visas programme and demand for the same has apparently gone up. According to United States Immigration Fund (USIF)’s director of business development in India, Andrew Graves, China is the largest beneficiary of the EB5 visa programme.

As of now, India is sixth in the list with 149 visas. But Andrew says that Indians can take second place next to China very soon. Only rich Indians, who can invest half a million dollars – usually comes as a gift from the family – can apply for an EB5 visa.