Why EC Not Keen On Early Polls In Telangana?

Though the Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders are extremely optimistic of holding early elections to the state assembly, reports from New Delhi have indicated that the Election Commission of India is not very keen on advancing the elections in Telangana.The Election Commission authorities reportedly fired at Telangana state government advisor and former chief secretary Rajiv Sharma who put forth the proposal of early polls in Telangana a couple of days ago.

“How can you expect us to go with the early elections when the voters’ list has not been revised till date? The deadline for the revision is January 31 and if elections are to be held earlier, you have to go with the old list and that would deprive a large number of new eligible voters of their right to franchise,” the authorities told Sharma.Another reason for their objection is that when Telangana had the assembly elections co-terminus with the general election where actually the need was to go with the early polls.

“It was Telangana which has supported the simultaneous polls for Lok Sabha and assembly. Why is it going back now?” the EC asked.Thirdly, the general elections are due in April and if Telangana has to go assembly elections in December, arrangements for general elections have to be made again within three-four months.

“The movement of EVMs, other material and deployment of security forces again would be a big problem and would involve additional expenditure,” the EC authorities told the state officials.It was only after EC put its foot down, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao rushed to Delhi to explain to Prime Minister Narendra Modi the rationale behind his decision.

It is not exactly known what is there in the mind of the Prime Minister, sources said.