Ee Director Ki Emaindi?

Young filmmaker Tharun Bhascker has not just received the national award but also unanimous applause from the audiences for his first feature film ‘Pellichoopulu’ that was released in 2016. After tasting the first success, he took almost 2 years to bring his next film. With a catchy ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’, Tharun Bhascker has come up with a buddy film about four friends who collaborate to make a short film and their trip to Goa.

Unlike his first film, Tarun’s Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi met with less than enthusiastic response from critics & weak box-office collections. Tarun, who’s hailed as an inspiration for budding directors and short-film makers and regarded as fresh talents of Tollywood, is not pleased with the film’s response. The outspoken filmmaker blasted at critics and questioned their eligibility in judging a film. He tried to say that there’s no fault in his cinema but with the critics.

On one hand, Tharun fired a salvo at film reviewers & critics and on other hand, he said he’s getting good support from regular cinema-goers. The unexpected response has pushed Tharun Bhascker to deactivate his social media account. Both failures and successes are not uncommon in creative field and criticism is not new in this industry but it all lies in how the creator handles it.

Fans and well-wishers of the director aren’t happy with his stance on deactivating social media account, want him to put apart the pressure and start working on fresh subject. Many people feel that he should have a thick skin at this stage of career and should be ready to face the cynical approach of critics because they had something positive to say about his work in the past.