‘Ee Rojullo’ Producers facing problems !

The first person to feel very happy with the success of a film is its producer. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the producers of the super hit film ‘Ee Rojullo’. Though they are flashing smiles everywhere, it is heard that they are going through a lot of pain inside. If you are wondering why, here is the reason.
It is heard that the makers shaped the film well but they were not well versed with the marketing/distribution part. They depended on few people for that. Once the film got a hit talk, few veteran producers/distributors who are seasoned in this field gave some story to the makers of ‘Ee Rojullo’ and took up the marketing and distribution role.
Since then, whatever profits are being made are reportedly going into their pockets while the producers are left with nothing. With middlemen and others eating away the profits, the producers of ‘Ee Rojullo’ are learning a bitter lesson that this is how the film industry works and this has disturbed them strongly. So, it is not just about making a good film but also about owning up all the profits which come with the film.