‘Eega’ Is For Families And Kids!!

Even though when there are bunch of commercial flicks in the race, the one liked by kids and families will always do wonders. Our star-director is now aiming at the same thing.
Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’ is all set to enthrall the audiences in summer. The trailers have showed the stamina of Jakkanna with visually thrilling sequences. Earlier, Shankar’s ‘Robo’ was also felt the same way and more than anyone else, families and kids liked it immensely. We all know how much money that movie has squeezed from the pockets of audiences.
This year, same feat is going to be repeated by ‘Eega’ says trade pundits. As of now, Rajamouli has revealed the entire plot of film like he does all the time and raised our expectations once again. Insiders say that various action adventures performed by ‘Eega’ will make everyone spellbound and songs are also filmed in the most creative way.