Eega Movie Review – 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5/5
Banner: Varahi Chalana Chitram
Presented by: D.Suresh babu
Cast: Sudeep, Nani, Samantha, Srinivas reddy, Thagubothu ramesh
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry, Anantha Sreeram, Chaitanya Prasad and Keeravani
Styling: Rama Rajamouli
Dialogues: Janardhana Maharshi
Art: S Ravinder
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar
Music: M M Keeravani
Producer: Sai Korrapati
Story-Screenplay-Direction: SS Rajamouli
CBFC rating: U/A
Release date: 06-07-2012
Theater Watched: Bramarambha, Premiere show with Eega Team.

Story Line: Nani (Nani) is neighbor to Bindu (Samantha), he falls in love with her and she too responds positively but doesn’t express it. Sudeep(Sudeep) is multi- millionaire who runs construction business, and he lusts Bindu. Sudeep comes to know about their affair and kills Nani. Nani, in his rebirth is born as ‘Eega’ (a housefly) and remembers the incident occurred in last birth and how he takes revenge on Sudeep is what the movie is about?
Performances: Nani’s role is limited to a run time of 20minutes. He came up with some good work. Samantha is cute and lovable. Sudeep steals the show with fantastic performance in the negative role. Other than the three characters there are very few notable characters. The visual effects have come out very well. The cinematography is good. Music is hum able. The background score is superb. Considering the special effects part the Direction is good. But overall the movie lacks a gripping and interesting narration. The production values are rich.
Analysis: The most anticipated film of the year 2012, ‘Eega’, is a fantasy film written and directed by Tollywood’s ace director SS Rajamouli. The movie is simultaneously released in Tamil and Malayalam also. The very idea of making the Fly (Eega) as protagonist is unique and interesting. The Execution part could have been better (The way story was told). Janardhan Maharshi assisted Rajamouli in the Telugu script (Dialogues) work and Crazy Mohan in the Tamil script
Nani is good and natural. He is confined to only a few romantic & love scenes with Samantha which came well. The song picturised on them was decent. Samantha suited to the role well. She looked girl next door in those costumes. Sudeep is the show stealer with fabulous acting (It’s difficult to come up with such expressions and acting with no real character around). He impresses well as the bad guy. He evoked some laughs when Eega irritates him.
Rajamouli is weak in comedy department and this movie too has very limited comedy (only the Eega and Sudeep episodes designed in the typical tom and Jerry style) but the movie entertains in the form of Visual effects. The CGI and VFX work is top notch. As Rajamouli said Eega was started as a small-budget experimental film but when it started developing it grew bigger with the budget of quality VFX work. With over 90 minutes of realistic animation and visual effects, the total film costed more than 30crores.
Music has already a couple of chart busters aired on TV. The Background score by Keeravani is very good. He delivered the required output. He usually comes up with very good score in Rajamouli movies and this one is not an exception. The Art work is good. The editing by Kotagiri is fine. Cinematography by Senthil is promising. The film has very limited characters. It bores you in the middle and if you are not connected to the point then it may even irritate you. The locations are also limited and repetitive. The logic has gone for toss many times (since the script is highly fictional & fantasy filled).The narration of the film in the non graphics part is slow and repetitive(point). If you go with the logical issues you will be highly disappointed. So make-up your mind and watch it in a relaxed mood to enjoy more. If you have an interest for animated/cartoonist movies then this movie is for you.
There are some scenes which came up well— Eega teasing and irritating Sudeep, the scene where Eega reveals that he is Nani, the car accident and interval episode, the Climax. The presence of a Star hero could have helped Rajamouli in pulling up the movie. The Brand name Rajamouli is the force which drags you to the theaters. Rajamouli has definitely taken the Tollywood Industry to the next level with quality effects. It’s up to the masses to decide the collections of this flick at the Box-office. “Eega” is a visual feast which will appeal to the children more.
Plus: CGI & VFX, Sudeep, Background score
Minus: Slow narration, Story, Screenplay
Verdict: Average flick with extra-ordinary visual effects which thrills you.