‘Eega’ producing a Film With ‘Fish’ as Hero

Are we going to see a ‘Fish’ playing the central character for the first ever time in a mainstream Telugu film?

A leading national daily has reported that Natural Star Nani, who acted in ace director Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’, a film having a housefly as the central character, is making a film with ‘fish’ in lead role. The report further added that this film will be Nani’s maiden production venture, and shooting has already commenced, without anyone noticing.

Prashant Sharma is making his directorial debut with this movie. Reportedly, when he approached Nani, the ‘Eega’ actor got so impressed with the script having a fish as the central character that he decided to produce the film himself. The shooting has already begun in a specially designed set in Hyderabad.

There is no clarity if Nani will act in the film or not, but this first-of-its-kind project will surely encourage Telugu filmmakers to invest in many more experimental films. After Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’, director Ravi Babu has made a film, ‘Adhigo’ with a piglet in lead role. This film is yet to be released.