EEGA target is only 30% Returns !

Ace director Rajamouli is busy winding the last parts of his latest film to fire it before the audience in the last week of May. Let’s talk about the business of this movie.
‘Eega’, the big budgeted sci-fi extravaganza of Rajamouli is targeting only a recovery of 30% from Box Office. Already, the makers are able to pull 70% of their investment through satellite rights, dubbing rights and area-wise selling of the film. With the popularity of the brand ‘Rajamouli’, they are able to get soaring prices for this film. They say that most of the area rights are sold on NRA basis that incurs no loss to producer even in case of loss.
NRA means Non-Returnable Advance, which the distributors pay agreeing that they will not demand it back in case of a flop show. Trade experts expressed that ‘Eega’ needs a week run at BO to make the producer cross loss-line. Distributors will also lie on safe side if there are no competitors for this flick for a couple of weeks. Wait and see.