Eega – Tremendous expectations from Rajamouli !

Eega, the much awaited film from director SS Rajamouli is all set to release this Friday. The film which began as a small 2 Cr venture has now turned into a 30 Cr plus biggie with VFX of international standards.Owing to immense hype and international standards of making the film is carrying tremendous expectations among the audience.
Director SS Rajamouli is the films biggest strength and positive. He knows the pulse of the audience very well that can be seen with his track record which has no failures at all.It’s a right venture to showcase the might of the director. It is also an oppurtunity for Rajamouli to expand his market in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam as well.
Given the track record of Rajamouli, he should make it comfortably. Lets see if he will!