Either Way, A Compliment

The TDP was stunned when Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Parliament that the TDP had walked into YS Jagan’s trap and subsequently made a mistake by severing ties with the NDA.Reacting to this statement of Modi on Sunday, TDP Minister for Social Welfare Nakka Anand Babu said it was Narendra Modi who had fallen into YS Jagan’s trap.

The Minister added that Modi had met Jagan secretly and took support from him for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections when TDP was still in the NDA.This is a complete contrast from the earlier statement of the TDP when they alleged that Jagan had offered his support to the NDA without being asked for it merely to stay in the Centre’s good books.

When Modi said Naidu walked into Jagan’s trap, it was a backhanded compliment to Jagan as Naidu claims to be a 40-yr industry guy.Now, if Anand Babu says it was Modi who waked into Jagan’s trap, it is an even bigger compliment.