Electricity Board’s eccentric decisions

General Public is unable to fathom AP state Electricity Board’s eccentric decisions. Even though higher courts stalled its illogical decisions to suqeeze public collecting more charges for the elapses years of 2009-2011 it is some how hell bent on formulating new rules, policies and through its committee legislate a bill that enables it to collect extra charges from the users.The High Court even stopped it from collecting chargers for the previous years and even directed the board to return back the collected amounts to the consumers.
However hard the EB argues, many people feel that the decision to collect the increased amount even for the previous years defies logic. Many house owners rent their portions and during this two year span some of the tenants might have vacated the portions. Now if EB goes ahead with its policy of collecting increased charges for previous years, they cannot collect the same from their previous tenants and new tenants naturally refuse to pay more for the years for which they haven’t stayed. Thus house owners have to shell out money from their own pocket and pay for the power usage of some one else. Many wonder how EB missed this simple logic.
Some feel that EB is hellbent on increasing charges irrespective of whatever may be the outcome and say it is the mismanagement of board that left it with losses. Many feel if EB can recover money from defaulters, mainly politicians and Govt Organisations,then it would make up for the losses but to coverup its inability to do so, it is taxing honest and sincere citizens.