Enough! Nani Takes on Sri Reddy

After keeping silent for months, Nani has lost his patience and has decided take head on Sri Reddy as she is levelling filthy allegations against him.This morning she posted on Twitter that Nani cannot deny that he had sexual relationship with her and further revealed sexual positions. This has shocked everyone.

Many have started wondering why Nani is keeping silent when she has overstepped decency mark. Perhaps, he too realised that he should not keep mum on this and slapped legal notices to her through his lawyers.Niranjan and Associates, the law firm hired by Nani, sent legal notices in detailed manner and provided all the copies that Sri Reddy levelled baseless allegations against Nani on Facebook.

Nani has demanded her public apology and also on social media within period of seven days. If she fails to do so, he will take appropriate legal proceedings against her.Nani also wrote on Twitter that he lost all patience. He said he is not going to join her or indulge in filth but take legal action. Since he took legal recourse now, he will not say anything on this further, law will take its own course of action.

After he snapping the legal notices, Sri Reddy responded by saying she is ready to fight legally.