Equations will change with Gabbar Singh

If anyone has immense confidence in Gabbar Singh’s success… that should be Shruti and rest all will only come next. Shruti Haasan is pretty sure about Gabbar Singh to hit the bull’s eye. She has been saying the same with the unit members and is extremely confident about this film to be the game changer for her.
Shruti Haasan is not signing any new films in Telugu as she is playing the waiting game. She believes that her stocks will go up once Gabbar Singh hits the marquee. Hence, Shruti is not in a hurry to take up new projects. The pretty lass is pretty sure that this film would put her in the big league. Shruti believes that her craze and paycheck would be multiplied with Gabbar Singh’s success.
Shruti being a calculative and clever woman is waiting until the producers throng for her dates. If she signs up any film now she won’t get what she demands. That will not be the case after Gabbar Singh mania hits the screens. Then she would dictate the terms and producers oblige! Wow, that is what we call ‘CONFIDENCE’!