Eswaramma, Naku Time Vastundi: Jagan

Responding to the defection of Paderu MLA Giddi Eswari who jumped into the TDP, YS Jagan says it pains him. He recalled how he handpicked Eswari when she was an ordinary school teacher and given her the YSRCP party ticket from Paderu Assembly constituency in 2014. Jagan said that she has become MLA with the blessings of the people and God. He said he has given her due importance within the party and opined that she would remain with him if good time comes.

“I’m not in power. So what can I do to them? What can I give to them. 44 other MLAs too getting offers. But they are resisting the tempting offers. I wish Eswaramma too resisted and remained with me. My time will come in one year and she would have been benefited when I come to power,” Jagan said.

Jagan said it certainly disappoints him. Ever since TDP won in 2014 general polls with a considerable majority, several senior leaders of YSRCP and legislators of the party have switched their loyalties to the TDP leaving Jagan. While Jagan had been confident, somehow he looks dull these days especially after the public verdict in Nandyal by-election and Kakinada municipal polls.