Even KCR’s GF cannot remove NTR’s name

War of words over naming of Shamshabad airport after NTR between TDP leaders and TRS leaders along with Chief Minister KCR and ministers is going on unabated without showing any sight of ending. Even after strong protests from Telangana TDP leaders, Government passed resolution in the assembly opposing NTR’s name for Shamshabad airport.
TDP cadre and leaders protested against Govt actions with Modkupalli Narasimhulu going on one day hunger strike at NTR ghat. Union Minister Sujana Chowdary after making Motkupalli end his fast by giving him lemon juice, later speaking to media said entire world is criticising Telangana CM KCR’s actions against NTR.
He said even if Telangana CM KCR passes numerous such resolutions in the assembly, there will not be any affect and even KCR’s Grand Father cannot remove NTR’s name. He said KCR should better remember that he was part of leaders who decided to name airport after NTR in 1999. He said NTR is revered by all Telugu people cutting across regions.