Exclusive: Allu Arjun Starts His Own Setup

As his next film is not yet started, Stylish Star Allu Arjun became topic in all sorts of discussions. Though he’s said to have agreed to work with Trivikram, there is no clarity over that. Here comes another interesting snippet.

All these days Allu Arjun used to work from his dad’s Geetha Arts office only. He used to have a special room there and made all of his meetings there itself. But now, the Stylish Star is moving to his own “AA” office. And a special team will be working for him now from this office.

Actually with Geetha Arts getting ready to produce films with outside heroes, logically it will not be correct to have Allu Arjun all the time at GA office as he’s not taking care of any production. And if Bunny and Sirish are frequenting the office, how come other heroes working for GA will feel comfortable to come to their premises? Perhaps that is the reason that promoted AA to build his own den.

Also, we hear that Bunny is recruiting a new Social Media team and a PR team that handles his Mumbai dealings related to brand endorsements. With Mahesh and Ram Charan already having such offices and teams, looks like AA wants to join the club!!