Exclusive: Censor mutes abusive words in ‘NOTA’

The much anticipated ‘NOTA’ is finally hitting the box office tomorrow. Ahead of the release the film has wrapped up the censor formalities and got a ‘U/A’ certificate while the runtime is locked at 149 minutes.

We have exclusively learned that the censor board the asked the makers to mute the word ‘Central Government’ wherever it occurs.Well, this is nothing new since 2014 and there are couple of abusive words i.e, “La***kodaka” and “Badkhavgaallu” which were also asked to mute.

We have already have seen in the trailer Vijay Deverakonda sarcastically appreciating the politicians with “F” word and there would be more as the per the censor.Despite a new director, not so popular production house in Telugu and very limited appeal actors, ‘NOTA’ is coming with mammoth of expectations.

The advance booking in the twin cities has opened yesterday and many multiplexes and single screens are reporting packed houses for the first week.

This is pure craze of VD and hope it sustains.