Exit Poll Survey : Y.S.R Party Sweeps with ‘Sentiment’

It is a hobby for Congress MP Lagadapti to predict the outcome of polls on the day of polling after voting is finished. At the same time he reveals the results of exit-poll surveys too. It is expected that Jagan will come triumphant in the by-polls by winning most number of seats.
Exit Polls say that YSR-Congress will win in 12-16 places, Congress in 1-3 places while TDP will face a humiliating defeat or might win a couple of seats. Coming to Parkal, Lagadapati feels that TRS is a sure shot winner there as T-sentiment and support for Pink party is stronger there.
‘Though Jagan used Vijayamma’s tears as his weapon to win by-polls, Congress has countered him. Unfortunately we started doing all this very late’, stated Lagadapti before predicting the win of Jagan in the by-polls. He agrees that Jagan’s arrest has affected the Congress party very strongly as YSR-CP’s last weapons, Vijayamma and Sharmila, fired to the maximum to win hearts of voters.
Congress cadres have lost their excitement all of a sudden with the predictions of Lagadapti and the results of exit-poll survey. While celebrations started in YSR-C already, TDP is the one party people should watch out as they got big blow.