Face-to-Face: Nara Rohith Speaks Out His Heart

“His character is not a rowdy fellow, but it is the story of a filthy rich egoistic person”, says Nara Rohith, talking straight about his tomorrow’s (November 21) release ‘Rowdy Fellow’. In an exclusive face-to-face with this happening hero who has won hearts already with his serious acting and stylish bass-voice
Why is this young hero going with experimental flicks but suddenly changed path to star in a commercial move? “I’m not against commercial movies, but routine run of the mill films are not cup of my tea”, he strikes back. Talking about all those commercial points in his flick, Rohit makes it sure that all the ideas included in Rowdy Fellow completely belong to director Krishna Chaitanya. What is he offering in the coming days? “Pandagalavachadu is a Godavari backdrop film, while Asura is another different genre”, he says, “God has been kind to me; Okkadine is the only bad film I’ve done, but otherwise all are interesting scripts”. 
“Till Friday morning a hero will be visible to sell the movie, but afterwards it is the content of the film that speaks”, Rohit avers, pointing out that he banks only of quality scripts. “I’ve read more than 250 scripts since 2009, and I’ve kept all good scripts with me”
What happened to that supposed multi-starrer with Nandamuri Balakrishna? “We’ve pitched him a script already but waiting for his nod to go ahead. As he is busy with 99th and 100th movies, maybe it will take time”, Rohith says. If not films, he would have ventured into a pharmaceutical company. “There is no time for affairs as I’m busy with movies”, he quips, when pushed to speak about any affairs. “I’ve limited friends, and hangout with them, but don’t like partying. Neither there are close friends from industry, nor any foes”