Fact Sheet: KCR, This Is Highly Unfair!

The State of Telangana is now four years old. KCR is the Chief Minister, his son is the cm-in-waiting, his daughter is an MP, nephew is a Minister and another relative is in the Rajya Sabha.It is indeed Bangaru Telangana for his family. But not for the people and students of Telangana who continue to be plagued by the cases that were filed against them during the agitation.

Recently, an agitator Munnuru Ravi was handed out a jail sentence by a court regarding a case filed when he was fighting for the separate state.Four years since Telangana was formed and the people of Telangana are being jailed for participating in the agitation.

What an irony! Why can’t the T-government just cancel all the cases in one stroke? These people were probably better off in united Andhra Pradesh.