Fact Sheet: Sad, but true reflection

As all rivers ultimately converge in the mighty ocean, politics is the ultimate bastion in which all sections of society, people and dogmas merge.It is the costliest business of all, especially in a democracy where everyone tries to wash their hands in the flowing Ganga.

Some get drowned while some manage to tame the tides and reap unimaginable profits. In a sad but apt reflection of the political scenario in the nation today,Karnataka MLC CM Ibrahim said that democracy in the country was becoming more expensive by the day.

“Even if Gandhiji contests the polls today, he will have to spend a lot of money. Around Rs 10 crore has to be spent to win as an MLA. No matter what kinds of welfare schemes are introduced, on polling day, voters are only concerned about money, beer and biryani,” said Ibrahim.

His statement makes us sad and angry but it is also true. Isn’t it?