Failed Gopi stooping low

Everyone knows the power of GopiChand. The same acting power and unique style made him the ‘Nizam King’ among fans and movie lovers. However Gopi who tasted many failures recently seems to be losing faith in his strength and is stooping low for successful offers.
GopiChand attracted all as power police officer in ‘Andhrudu’ where he took on gangs single handedly in Bihar. He is all set to become ‘Jaganmohan IPS’ under Bhupati Pandian direction. Many felt that he is back to his old ways and this will be the most suited film in his career. However suddenly the film was stalled and the director was replaced by Srivas.
All this seems to have its effect on Gopi along with the failure of ‘Mogudu’. Now according to sources he is turning from ‘Jaganmohan IPS’ to a security officer at ATM center. He is turning to security guard under Chandrashekar Yeleti direction. His moves left many wonder what was wrong with GopiChand as he is surely wasting his acting talent. When people with half the acting skills as he is shining on silver screen he is not channelizing his skills in the right manner to score stunning hits with his performance. Hope Gopi introspects himself and come out trumps on Tollywood silver screen.