Fake Clicks, Likes : Telugu Producers Are Cheated

These days, there has been a huge demand for YouTube records in Tollywood. In order to do such feats, several groups and batches have spurred up. The batches promise fake clicks, likes to their trailers, teasers as soon as they’re released within hours. Apparently, such ‘fake’ digital groups are charging an exorbitant sum of Rs 25 Lakh from each film on an average.

Even star heroes are said to be encouraging such acts of the groups. It is learnt that most of the fake clicks, likes are coming from China, Russia and Africa. Unlike the US, UK or Europe or Emirates where the Telugu-speaking population is considerable, the clicks and likes coming from China, Russia are raising several eyebrows.

The demand for orchestrated YouTube records in Tollywood from the star heroes, producers is leading to the encouragement of such groups. As soon as the groups receive the payment from the producers, they approach the Click Farms through which they get the job done.

The PR teams of the film would eventually push these records to journos who eventually carry the records. That’s how the boast of fake YouTube records are going on a full throttle in the Tollywood. While many claim that they get organic traffic, the reality is totally different.

Even though many producers are against to such practices and doesn’t like to spend whopping monies on fake buzz, fake hype, a lot of times they don’t have any say or any option as they had to obey the star heroes.