Fake! Sri Rama Navami Posters On Masjid Wall??

While 90% of the people always love to see religious peace in India, there some forces that created unwanted tensions between to disturb the secular fabric of the nation. And such forces started spreading lies on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami in Hyderabad.

Creating a panic on social media, an image has apparently started circulating other day where the poster of a Sri Rama Navami celebration is pasted on the cover of a masjid. While the masjid is covered with a large tarpaulin for renovation purposes, the poster seemed to be pasted on it. Jumping into the scene, Hyderabad Police revealed what exactly is happening.

They confirmed that it’s a morphed image and shared the original image where the poster has nothing to do with the masjid. “Don’t Circulate Fake Pictures on Social Media. Don’t spread or come under influence of any rumour or fake news or morphed photos. It is an offence under IPC & IT Act”, Hyderabad police warned.

Meanwhile, they advised people to not believe in any such rumours.