Family Glad About Hero’s Broken Love Life

The family of this star is much relieved now. Although the star’s career is not running smoothly with many flops, they are not worried about his career but relieved that he has not done mistake of marrying his former lover.At one time, this star is in deep love with a heroine who shared screen space with him in two films. So deep was their love was that he introduced her to his mother and other family members.

However, his mother didn’t approve this love and asked him to reconsider his choice. She told him she’d agree only if he still feels deeply about her a year later.Much to the relief of his star mother, they broke up last year itself. Moreover, the actor’s life is now in deep shambles and the actress recently landed in a controversy which brought her bad name.

Now, the family is relieved that he didn’t commit to this heroine. He has been advised by his family to first concentrate on career than falling in love.