Fans not required for audio launches.

It seems there is a latest trend emerging in tollywood. Film makers are making it known that they don’t need fans for their audio launches.There seems to be sudden love for overseas in Tollywood film makers. This is nothing new when it comes to shooting of their films citing richness, giving overseas beautiful location treats to movie lovers and other things. Shooting in overseas has now become prestige issue among film makers. However new trends is fast catching tollywood film makers and that celebrating audio launch functions in overseas. It seems they are just following their Kollywood counter parts.
Film makers of ‘Maatran’ released their audio at a grand function in Singapore. The film stars Surya in lead role where he will be seen as conjoint twins for the first time in his career. Film is directed by KV.Anand of ‘Ko’. Harris Jeyraj scored music for the film.the film which is releasing in telugu as ‘Duplicate’. Kajal is playing opposite Surya. It seems Puri Jagannath and the film makers of ‘Cameraman Gangato Rambabu’ seems to be smitten by the idea and are keen on launching the film’s audio in Dubai in a grand function. Music is scored by Manisharma. Film stars Tamanna.
This shows Tollywood film makers don’t have any creativity or thinking process of their own but just follow what their kollywood or bollywood counterparts do. Whatever may be the reason, if tollywood film makers decide to release their film’s audios in overseas, it would surely deprive fans and movie lovers a chance to watch them in live action .