Fans upset over Mahesh

With the gap maintained between ‘Dookudu, Businessman and Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ was small and minimal, mahesh babu came back very strongly into the stardom after those painful days of ‘Sainikudu, Athidi and Khaleja.’ At a time, when Prince has to maintain the same speed to carry on the victory momentum….looks like something and someone is topping him. Yes, it is director Sukumar and it is the untitled film which stood on sets from a long time.

Coverage from film circles expressed many doubts on why Mahesh is taking it for granted on Sukumar’s creative lenience extending the schedules week by week. Of course, quality matters but definitely not at the cost of wasting of precious time. SVSC was released in January this year and completed the 100 days run but till now, we do not hear on what is the exact update and possible release date or even the title of Sukku’s film. This news will definitely upset mahesh babu Fans…who is clearly the forerunner for No 1 in Telugu film industry.