Farmers “Open Heart” with CBN

Government of AP has to give final touch on land pooling with the farmers. AP Government has arranged two hours meeting of farmers with Chief Minister to clarify their doubts on land pooling for the capital. 300 farmers from 29 villages have come in 6 buses to attend this meeting with CBN. But farmers from Rayapudi village haven’t attended for this meeting. 
Farmers of some villages have agreed to give their land and some others not willing to give for the capital. Government is in thought that other villages are willing to give their land for Capital after the meeting with Chief Minister. Ministers also forced the farmers in Rayapudi to come to the meeting. Farmers expressed their demands during their meeting with Cabinet Sub-Committee. 
Farmers demand to raise Government’s proposed 1K sq.ft per acre land to 1200 sq.ft. They also want 200 to 300 sq.ft of the land after the development. Farmers demand to raise the compensation from proposed 25K to 40K per year. Farmers will ready to give their lands if Government agreed with their demands.